A message from Anonymous
Hello, I'm a French quotes bloggeuse and I love your blog ! Continuous your blog, it's a real inspiration source. Good year 2014 !

Salut! Thank you so much! Happy new year to you, and I’d really love to check out your blog sometime. 

A message from Anonymous
but i just wanted to let you know that finding this blog somehow helped me, for a minute or two. i found comfort and i felt less alone. so thank you, and sorry for this message (and sorry for my bad english as well. i'm from finland). i hope you don't mind.

I live for this. Glad to have helped a bit :)

A message from queenkimvo
youre perfect.

Thank you! <3

A message from si-unique
Hello, i wanted to ask you something, how can you save someone's life the time you don't talk, don't know each other and don't know where to start. bless you

You can start by trying to get to know them, or you can write them a letter with all the words you want them to know.